Metabolic Triggers For Migraines

Metabolic Triggers

Raise Your Migraine Threshold

Raise Your Neurological Threshold to Migraine

Advanced Migraine Testing

Advanced Neurological Testing

Migraine Relief Testimonials

Migraine Success Stories and Testimonials

  • Metabolic Triggers

    Functional Medicine to reduce your migraine triggers

  • Raise Your Neurological Threshold to Migraine

    A functional, neurologic, and structural approach

  • Advanced Neurological Testing

    We use advanced testing to fully evaluate your migraines

  • Migraine Success Stories and Testimonials

  • Do you continue to struggle with chronic headaches day in and day out?

    Are you tired of running from doctor to doctor trying multiple medications with many side effects? "Here try this drug, that drug didn’t work? Try this one!"

    Are you having even more headaches than you used to have even though you are taking medication?

    Are you afraid you may be having drug induced rebound headaches? Are you tired of taking drugs that do not address the underlying cause of your headaches?

    Have you been thinking that there must be some natural solution but don’t know what approach to take?


    Please read through the information on this website and watch the videos. If you still have questions about our drug free approach please do not hesitate to contact our office.

  • I came in desperation at the ‘end of my rope’ to see Dr. Childs. I had migraine headaches for 30 years; numbness in the left side of my face and neck and back pain for 2-1/2 years. After Dr. Childs’ treatment and the plan for nutrition, diet and excersize – I have created a “NEW SELF”. I have NO neck pain NO back pain and the numbness is gone. My migraines are GONE. ...
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  • In 3-1/2 months with Dr Durr and Dr Childs, 5 years of immobilizing neck and arm PAIN WAS GONE....
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More Testimonials
  • Now after therapy with Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr I have not had a migraine in 7 months and my carpal had greatly improved...
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  • I had neck pain and migraines, now — I have no neck pain and have gone one month without a migraine…
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  • I’m off my medication and my headaches are gone!
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Migraine Relief
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